The Family Connect+ is a personal home medical alarm unit, designed to be programmed with up to three phone numbers of family or friends who can provide support to the user.

The alarm unit is connected via the 3G GSM mobile network and a portable alerting device is worn by the user (we call it a pendant). The pendant is a radio trigger which when activated sends a wireless signal to the medical alarm, which in turn dials a family member.

Important information: Landline medical alarms and the nbn

How does it work?

When the alarm call is answered two-way speech is enabled, allowing a conversation between the family member and the user to determine if help is needed.  

Up to three family or friends phone numbers can be programmed into the alarm.

RRP $598

Alternative, you can choose 24 hour emergency monitoring via our Tunstall monitoring centre to ensure complete protection. In the event of an alarm activation, the Tunstall monitoring centre will receive the call and an operator will arrange the appropriate assistance, be it a neighbour, family member, carer, after hours GP, or emergency services. Our operators will also stay on the line offering reassurance until helps arrives. 

Alarm rental and 24/7 monitoring RRP $43.50/month. View our partners page to locate a Tunstall partner closest to you. Alternatively, complete our online client referral form and our friendly sales team will manage the rest. 

Features and benefits:

  • Up to three responder numbers
  • Event based alerting
  • Light weight water proof pendant enabling it to be worn in the bathroom
  • Pendant range up to 300 metres from the medical alarm unit
  • Backup battery of 40 hours
  • View the Smartlink MediLink features

Installation and programming

The alam and accessories are easy to install.

 View the Smartlink MediLink installation manual

However if you don’t have the time we can arrange for a technician to come and set-up the alarm for you, just ask us for a quote. We will also pre-program the alarm with your three responder numbers so the alarm comes all ready to go – just plug it in.

Why choose Tunstall?

With almost 60 years of experience in providing personal medical alarms, we are the world's leading provider of connected health and care solutions. Operating in over 50 countries, we support millions of people worldwide. you can be confident of a quality product provided by a trusted organisation. 

Tunstall is a preferred provider of medical alarms to many organisations such as The Department of Veteran’s Affairs, and a number of leading community care organisations throughout Australia.

We meet Australian standards for personal medical alarm systems AS4607and are IS0 9001:2008 accredited.


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