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Tunstall’s Managing Director re-elected to MTAA board

Posted: 10/28/2016 4:49:32 AM

Following last month’s Annual General Meeting for MTAA, all current serving board members have been successfully re-elected.


Tunstall Australasia’s Managing Director, Lyn Davies will return to the board for her fourth year, serving alongside other leaders in the medical technology field, including directors from Johnson & Johnson, Device Technologies Australia and Boston Scientific.


MTAA is a national association that represents companies in the medical technology industry. The organisation works alongside members, governments and stakeholders to promote innovation and provide better health outcomes for the community.


Ms Davies was pleased to be re-elected to continue to work on behalf of MTAA’s members.


“MTAA is a high-functioning organisation with the right ethos and values to drive innovation, support industry, and make a difference in healthcare delivery for our most vulnerable people,” said Ms Davies.


The board will support the effective delivery of modern, innovation and reliable medical technology within Australia. It will encourage evidence and fact-based reform in the best interests of patients and members.


“As a Director I will contribute to the good works of the MTAA in bringing attention to important events that affect the industry, changes and challenges that require careful consideration, and where the MTAA can advocate on behalf of members in the right forums at the right time,” said Ms Davies.


“In both of my roles with the MTAA and Tunstall, I will continue to champion innovative products and solutions, and ensure that all Australians have access to the very best medical technology,” she said.

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